Yves Saint Laurent Splendid Wood (Le Vestiaire des Parfums)

Splendid Wood, a creation from 2014 (by Marie Salamagne and Amandine Clerc-Marie), in this version represents African culture which inspired the couturier for his many fashion creations such as woody accessories and dresses. The woody - spicy composition includes cardamom and incense in the top, a floral heart of Sambac jasmine and rose buds and a wooden base with cedar as the dominant note. Yves Saint Laurent dedicated a special collection of perfumes to its famous pieces of clothing. Le Vestiaire des Parfums line premiered in fall 2015 with five editions, followed by the first sub-collection Le Vestiaire des Parfums Collection de Nuit in September 2016 with three new fragrances. In September 2017, a new line within this concept will be available at selected stores worldwide - Le Vestiaire des Parfums Oriental Collection - featuring five new perfumes inspired by de designer?s trips, mostly to Morocco. Available as a 75 ml Eau de Parfum.